Who are we?

Easy Books is developed and maintained by Geode Software, established in 2003 and based in UK. At Geode, we take great pride in designing and building the best quality products we can. We love things that are intuitive, that is, easy to use without a manual.

Easy Books started out as a simple application written by our lead developer, Mathew, while looking after the finances for a local charity. It was initially called "Subs" because it was used to keep track of subscription payments received from members. Quite quickly the application was further developed to become a more general purpose double-entry system to suit small businesses.

The app has been available on the iTunes App Store since late 2009 and is used by many different kinds of businesses, including farmers, musicians, builders, consultants and of course our own software business; Geode. We have had some terrific feedback by email and in reviews on iTunes. Thank you everyone!

We completed a huge project in January 2012 to make the app available for Mac OS X. Just like the iPhone and iPad version, the app will stay in sync with your other devices, meaning you can enter information anywhere without worrying about which copy was the latest. All the changes are merged together by our Online Sync Service which was developed in the latter part of 2010.

If you would like to follow what we're working on, you can "like" our facebook page, or follow us on Twitter.

Facebook - www.facebook.com/easybooks
Twitter - @EasyBooksApp


Mathew has a passion for technology and has been creating software for over 30 years. He now manages development work at Geode Software and (sometimes) writes our blog.

Twitter: @mathew_waters
App.Net: @Muddy


Karen manages our support system, collating all the feature requests and helping people sort out any problems. She also owns Coach and Bobbin and uses Easy Books herself every day to run the finances.