What to expect in Easy Books for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra

Submitted by mathew on Wed, 24/08/2016 - 12:51

Apple host a developer conference every June called WWDC, and this year was no different. We usually watch the keynote presentation, although really this is aimed at the world's press rather than the developer community. The real 'meat' of the conference starts afterwards, kicking off with the "State of the union" in which Apple reveal more detailed information about OS changes. This underlying software that runs iOS devices and Mac computers is released between September and October.

So we're usually very busy from June to September making sure Easy Books works well on the new OS. Sometimes there are changes in the OS we think will benefit our customers and we adopt them quickly to be ready for September. But we also have more mundane issues such as re-testing and developing the app to stay up to date with changes. When Apple change an API, or just change some internal behaviour in the OS, it affects Easy Books and we need to spend time making the app work on the new OS as well as the old versions.

I think this is one of those years. We looked at the changes coming for iOS, and the focus is around Messages, the new "Home" app, Photos and Music. Apple have also opened up access to the Phone and Messages apps for suitable apps. There didn't seem to be anything extra that would affect Easy Books, or that would improve the app this year. It's the same story on macOS, with the focus being around bringing Siri to the Mac, being able to access your Documents and Desktop folders from anywhere and changes to the Photos app. As a slight aside, we are amazed at the technological improvement to Photos; try searching your photos for things like 'car', 'dog', 'cloudy' or 'skyscraper'!

This year we found changes to the way tables are displayed on the iPad. It caused the text in Easy Books to be written to the screen twice, offset so it was almost unreadable. We tracked this down to a small change in behaviour that we haven't found documented anywhere, but we were able to make changes to Easy Books to make sure it works fine when iOS 10 is released. There are some other issues too, and we're working our way through all of them.

On the Mac, running under macOS Sierra reveals a minor UI issue. When account balances change, the app pulses the balance briefly to draw attention to it. This pulse is missing from the Mac app at the moment, but we're working hard on identifying the cause. We should have this fixed and ready before the OS is updated, if all goes to plan!

So what should you expect in Easy Books when the new operating systems are released? In a nutshell, you shouldn't see any difference in the way you use the app. All the changes are internal and just keep the app up to date with the new platforms and coding standards. You might spot small changes in the layout, but apart from a few tweaks here and there the app will continue as it was on previous versions of the OS.

UPDATE: 13 September 2016

Both the iOS and Mac apps have been updated and will be compatible with iOS 10 and macOS Sierra when Apple release their updates. The new versions of Easy Books are now available in the App stores. Check for updates in the normal way to update Easy Books to the latest version and be ready for iOS 10 which looks like it will be available on 13 September!

To find out about iOS 10, have a look at Apple's website at www.apple.com/ios/ios-10. This also contains information about which devices are supported.