Changes to Easy Books for iOS 12 and macOS Mojave

Submitted by mathew on Mon, 18/06/2018 - 10:14

As I write, it's June 2018, and Apple's annual developer conference finished just over a week ago.

Apple make changes to iOS and macOS, and developers spend the whole summer working on compatibility updates for their own apps. As well as visible changes to the OS, there are always changes behind the scenes. It's important for developers to keep up with security and new language features that aren't visible to customers. This is part of my normal routine, I know I'm going to be busy from June to October.

iOS 12

This year, Apple are concentrating on performance in iOS and from my initial look at iOS 12, it seems much faster. I have iOS 12 installed on an iPhone 6s - which I use as a test device - and the phone feels new again. And this from the first beta release, which is usually the slowest and most buggy.

So things are looking up for iOS. There are no obvious changes to Easy Books on iOS 12, but I've updated the code to support some changes to APIs.

macOS 10.14

With macOS "Mojave", Apple are adding a new "dark mode". You can switch it on in System Preferences, or leave your Mac running the familiar light appearance. The idea behind dark appearance is to allow you to focus on the content, or task at hand. Toolbars and menus recede into the background, which content such as web pages, letters and notes stand out because of the higher contrast.

It took about a week to develop Easy Books to support dark mode, and this is just a first draft. Colours may change between now and the release of Mojave.

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