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Submitted by mathew on Wed, 01/02/2017 - 13:25

The accountant who speaks your language

This is probably not the place to mention it, but I am a lifetime PC user.

But not so much that I was not happy to look at other platforms. I am a practising accountant mainly dealing with limited company clients and the surrounding payroll and tax issues and a high proportion are on cloud accounting software. For the dedicated Mac user there are not many accounting products designed with them in mind, many of the cloud products come from older PC products.

My first Easy Books client approached me in 2014, and while I could have just worked with downloads of the reports, having my own sync account means I can work seamlessly with clients and make sure everything stays in sync, right up to date. It was a bit of a learning process for us both, dealing with statements and agreeing the bank account, the VAT and of course correcting journal entries which I learned how to process. It is not a difficult product to learn how to use, and while there are differences in terminology, it is pretty intuitive.

Once I had some more Easy Books clients under my belt it became apparent that the iPad was not the easiest way to enter numerical data. I managed to pick up a second hand iMac with a number pad to enter figures. The Mac learning process has been challenging at times and I can quite understand why Mac users like a product designed for them!

Easy Books does not stand still in terms of development and there are regular updates. From an accounting perspective the addition of multi-currency is invaluable for clients with USD or Euro bank accounts which are becoming the norm these days. The reporting is good and has all of the usual P&L, Balance Sheet, as well as customer and supplier reports, and not forgetting trial balance reports for accountants. All of the reports can be saved and downloaded in various formats so whether you want PDF, CSV or HTML, your needs are answered.

It is a great product and one I am pleased to support so if you are looking for an Easy Books accountant, you need look no further.

Alastair Wood
AW Accounting - The accountant who speaks your language
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