Droplet Design

Submitted by mathew on Sat, 15/03/2014 - 11:09

Simplicity works...

Droplet Design was founded in February 2014 by me John Miller. I have held a profound passion for photography and design for over 20 years, and over which period of time I have lived and worked in Central America and the southwestern states of the USA. Over the years I have used several different accounting softwares for my business, including some of the leading brand names out there. It was In Feb 2014 that I decided to start my own business and begin the process of breaking away from my 'day job'. It was a very liberating feeling and making the decision was just the start.

The transition from full-time employment to 100% time commitment to my new business will be slow, but deliberate. This process will also provide me with an opportunity to familiarise myself with the main functions of running the business, and also allow me to scale my time to productivity and business growth.

I had spent several weeks looking at the different accountings software platforms, and as a Mac user had not really identified with any that were desktop-based and value for money for my staged business plan. I tried several iOS accounting platforms too, but the main obstacle was the monthly cost of maintaining the web-based service. The desktop software I had been most familiar with had been replaced with a web-version, which was not really what I wanted or needed.

I came across Easy Books for iOS while trialling a different native app from the App Store, and I decided to give it a test drive. I am a keen user of the review section when purchasing apps, and in the case of Easy Books I was able to make easy low-risk decisions about using the software. I really liked that the app was free to download and provided full functionality for a limited number of transactions. This was enough for me to become familiar with the layout and settings.

Before I knew it I was setting up my company and entering transactions, such as my fixed assets and the different accounts I would need for my business. I was so impressed that I began to dig a little deeper into Easy Books and found that there was also a Mac version. In the space of a few days, I had become very comfortable with using Easy Books, and I truly feel that this is the right accounting software for my new business. The flexibility of being able to use which ever device I wanted to keep my accounts up-to-date was extremely valuable to me as a business owner.

Since downloading the software in Feb, I have found the add-ons of great value, especially the sync service, the overall layout of the software clean and intuitive, and the support team helpful and dedicated to their customers. It is the perfect solution for my start-up business and allows me to keep my costs low. I sincerely recommend Easy Books for any start-up business.

I am committed to providing a high-quality service and value to my customers. I believe that quality is defined by the customer, and that customer loyalty expects excellent product and service quality. Easy Books is an integral part of my strategy and philosophy in delivering quality. My company is receiving the best possible attention and support from Easy Books and I am confident and very pleased that I made the right decision to choose Easy Books as the accounting solution for my business.

John Miller
Creative Director - Droplet Design Limited