Heron Music

Submitted by mathew on Wed, 02/05/2018 - 18:04

I opened Heron Music in 1981 specialising in the sale of new and used musical instruments, strings and accessories.

My first accounting records were kept in Simplex D paper based books, and although they were cheap and easy to use paper based systems were very limited, offering no reporting or analysis.

As the business grew I realised a more comprehensive system was needed, so I invested in a computerised bookkeeping program called Sage on a PC, and the amount of setup required was considerable. I had all the benefits of reporting and analysis now, but I found the system inflexible, it was never a good fit for our business model.

At the turn of the century, indeed the turn of the millennium, I became increasing concerned with the security of our data. I had moved offsite and was using modems to link with the shop, but Windows systems at the time were suffering quite badly with viruses, so I made the decision to roll our business data onto the Mac platform, which at the time, offered a much more secure environment. This necessitated the transfer of all the business records into a new (for me) program called Quick Books, as Sage was not available at that time on the Mac.

In 2010 the iPad launched, and with it a real breathe of fresh air - the Easy Books app! This gave me the mobile solution I had been looking for on a platform that was soon to satisfy all our business needs.

Easy Books really does live up to it's name, it is by far the easiest accounting package I have ever used. The learning curve is extremely gentle, but if you do get things wrong it doesn't punish you with the need for contra entries, if you make a mistake just delete it! No fuss, no drama, just re-enter the correct info and carry on. I keep all the business and personal accounts in Easy Books, and using the Split Screen option on the iPad I can have a bank account on one side of the iPad, and Easy Books on the other to check my balances.

The Year End procedure is so simple it is almost an anticlimax, this was a time of year I used to dread but it is now really quick to perform. If necessary it is also really easy to undo a Year End, again no drama. This app makes you feel like you are actually in control of your data entry, it doesn't try to bend you into using an unforgiving workflow.

Sending a customer an invoice (by email or printed out for posting), easy, completing your VAT return, easy. This app is named Easy Books for a very good reason! If you feel unsure about it's suitability for your business then I would suggest the Free 14 day Trial, a tremendous way to assess the app without any risk.

A recent enhancement is the ability to add attachments to transactions, so it is convenient to keep scans of invoices together with their entries within EasyBooks, no more need to use a third party solution for the storage of all my 'electronic paperwork'. This is possible using a drag and drop action on the iPad, and is a tremendous help in my goal of having a paperless office.

I would thoroughly recommend EasyBooks to anyone needing a flexible, easy to use solution for their business. You could even use it just for your personal finances if you like keeping everything well ordered and in one place.

Al Heron