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Submitted by mathew on Mon, 18/11/2013 - 10:04

I started a new business back in the summer of 2013. In the past within a previous business, I had bought and used some very costly MIS packages and accounts programs. Although they served their purpose, particularly in the case of the accounts programme, you almost had to be an accountant to understand and use it. I am a small businessman, not an accountant!

My business centres around the use of Mac and iOS products. Initially I began just to use spreadsheets to try to record sales and purchases within the company. It quickly became apparent that this would not cut it as the company began to grow.

I began to look around in the App Store wondering if there was anything out there that may suit. It was then I stumbled across Easy Books. It is now at the centre of my business. I create estimates with it, invoices, delivery notes, statements all the way through to P&L reports for my accountant. The best part is, it is easy to use and intuitive too. You can get on running the business and not spending time immersed in figures and trying to learn how to use software. The fact that when I am out I can work seamlessly with it safe in the knowledge that everything will always be in sync is a great facet. I love it!! No time lost.

Also, the back-up offered by the team at Easy Books is great. They have never let me down when I have had the odd question or query. Their responses are quick and to the point. They truly seem to care about their network of users.

I can hand on heart recommend this product to anyone looking for an accounts and estimating product to help run their business. Its a gem!!

David Lewis
Initio Print & Design. Sunningdale, United Kingdom.