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Solving the "I Wish I had someone to Do That" problem

Jayne Cormier and Tracy Starnes were struggling to find work and decided to start up a business that helps others get through the work week!

After having no luck finding work after they lost their jobs, Stow, Ohio residents Jayne Cormier and Tracy Starnes took matters into their own hands by taking on your matters.

"We tossed around a lot of ideas, and finally settled on the errand service because what we both had a lot of, was time, which is also kind of how we got our company name," said Cormier about the new company, Partners in Time, LLC. "It was Tracy's husband, Al, who suggested to Tracy to look into starting her own business with one of her friends."

The women have more than 50 years of combined business and administrative experience. However, neither of us have an accounting background so we were very excited to find Easy Books. It is very easy to use to keep our financial records and most importantly to print invoices that are easy to read, especially for our senior clients.

Cormier, who is also the president of the Stow Munroe Falls Newcomers Club, and Starnes offer an array of services - they'll pick up and deliver lunch, bring pets to the vet/groomer, do grocery shopping, do Christmas shopping/wrapping, car registration or wait around for the cable guy.

All of those chores and things that you say to yourself, "I wish I had someone to do that ..." Partners in Time will do!

The duo partnered with SCORE in Akron, Ohio to help set up the company. "They helped walk us through each step, and put us in touch with the services at the Akron University Law Department, which offers legal advice for small business startups at a very reasonable and affordable price," said Cormier.

Speaking of reasonable/affordable prices, the business's services only cost between $5 and $25. Gift certificates are also available.

"If the business takes off like we hope, we will branch out to the surrounding communities," said Cormier, but for now the services are only being offered in Stow and Munroe Falls Ohio and the surrounding area.

"It is very exciting and nerve wracking at the same time, because you never know how your idea/business will be perceived, especially in this economy," said Cormier about starting a business in a poor economic climate. "But, so far everyone seems to love our idea. Our thought is that with most companies downsizing, people have more to do with less time to run errands in their spare time," she said.

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