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"You've got my dream job." It's something I get told time and time again and, I guess it's true. Working with Porsches every day isn't a bad way of earning a living – I help people to buy and sell Porsches, and write about them for books and magazines. It beats having a proper job.

Of course, it's not all glamour. Like any job I have my fair share of admin and headaches to deal with, but EasyBooks at least makes looking after the accounts simple and pleasurable.

I've been involved with Porsches for longer than I care to remember and set up my own Porsche magazine a few years ago. After selling that to a large publishing company, I decided that the time was right to set up as a Porsche broker – selling cars on behalf of their owners and advising people on the best Porsche for them, and keeping my hand in with some writing, too.

After dabbling in sales part-time for a while, I kicked off Philip Raby Porsche full-time last December and the first year of trading has had its ups and downs but, on the whole, has been a great success and I'm in a fantastic position to build the business further in 2013. The plan is to increase the income while at the same time working smarter so I don't need to devote as many hours to the business.

Unlike a lot of car dealers, I've embraced social media, and have a thriving blog (without me really trying, it gets more readers than the magazine!), plus a Facebook page and Twitter account, which all help me to engage potential customers from all around the world. In this day and age, the Internet is my marketplace and I don't need a glossy and expensive showroom. I set up the website and blog myself using Wordpress and enjoy maintaining and tweaking that.

I like gadgets and make good use of my iMac, iPad and iPhone, so I was keen to find an accounting package that embraced all these platforms. In the past I'd used Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) but that seemed to have lost its way so I looked around for alternatives. I toyed with a couple of web-based solutions but didn't like having to work via a browser or pay an ongoing monthly fee. Then I found EasyBooks on the App Store and downloaded it to my iPad for a trial, not for a moment thinking it would be even advanced enough for my simple needs. How wrong I was! EasyBooks is far more powerful than I require, and easily copes with VAT, invoicing and reporting.

Although I now also have the Mac version, I still prefer to use EasyBooks on the iPad, using the iMac to view my online bank account at the same time. I occasionally access EasyBooks from my iPhone, too, if I want to check something quickly, so the online syncing is perfect.

It may not be the most glamorous part of my job, and I'm not a natural accountant, but I actually enjoy doing my weekly accounts using Easybooks!

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