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Serving smiles for over 50 years!

Our Whippy Kiosks have been serving freshly made soft serve Ice Cream all over Australia for almost 50 year. Our Whippy vans cater for many public, private and corporate events, large and small. We serve a large area in Australia from our fleet of Ice Cream vans. We are up to the 3rd generation in our family running this "fun" business.

We have used a whole range of accounting packages but we could not find any that would suit our needs or within a reasonable budget.

Our vans are our stores. Just like stores they need to keep tab of expenses, sales and most importantly invoicing for clients (the majority of our business is catering for corporate events that will only pay on invoice).

Previously our drivers would in the course of the day:

  • Collect all receipts for their expenses, petrol, repairs, etc. They would bring all these to the depot in the evening and we had to enter them into the central office accounting package. Hours of work!
  • If an invoice was required to be issued for a service; they (the drivers) would collect the client's details and we would post or email an invoice from our office. Or we would prepare an invoice in advance and the driver would hand it to the client. If the invoice differed at all from what was actually served, it was useless as a new one had to be amended at the office and be sent out to the client.

We would spend hours every day entering all drivers receipts etc. into our office accounting package and issue invoices to clients.

Looking for a solution was difficult for our business as most of the accounting packages catered for a centralised accounting system with an account entry clerk or clerks doing just that; accounting all day.

There were POS solutions available that cost thousands of dollars but it meant that every van had to carry with it a notebook. The software was too difficult for our drivers to use. They are not accountants!

I stumbled on to EasyBooks when we upgraded our phone system to the iPhones.

At first we thought that a package so easy to use and priced at a fraction of other accounting packages we had previously used surely couldn't do what we required.

Exploring Easy Books and its features, we were delightfully surprised and quickly realised we had stumbled on to a package that was actually much better than the packages that are priced much higher.

The benefits:

  • All our drivers can enter their expenses on their iPhones instantly.
  • Invoicing is done on the spot. Our customers are amazed that they can receive an invoice instantly by email!
  • Receipts for payments are issued immediately, which also amazes our customers.
  • Keeping track of Debtors and Creditors is a cinch!
  • Editing transactions is simple, the lockout feature from reconciled accounts is great so you cannot accidentally edit reconciled entries.

The software is so easy to use that all our drivers use it!

Feedback from our customers (receiving invoices and receipts on the spot from the drivers) is that our operation is "very professional and well organised". They feel more comfortable handing payments to the drivers as they feel that our accounts system is spot on! They are amazed how they can call the office a few minutes after the service is concluded to verify that the driver has issued a valid invoice/receipt and they are amazed that we can actually read back to them the exact same invoice details they were handed from the driver! With this extra little service that we can offer them with Easy books we have noticed that a lot of the large companies we deal with use our services again and again.

The best feature is Sync.

With the Sync feature all devices are updated instantly so everything is up to date. We use an iPad back at the office. All transactions are up to date instantly.

No more bulk data entry back at the office. We only need to check that the drivers have allocated the expenditures to the correct expense accounts.

It has saved us hours of accounting work and relieved us of backups and worry about loss of data! If a driver loses his iPhone we simply take it of the sync list, erase all the data on the lost iPhone with "Find my iPhone" and simply add his new iPhone to Sync and he is up to date instantly!

Well done, you've simplified an arduous task to a level that even our drivers with no accounting knowledge feel comfortable using. It has freed up a lot of time that we would previously spend in getting the accounts up to date.

My son runs another business; Illusion Custom Graphics, he was using MYOB for which he paid hundreds of dollars. Once he saw Easy Books being used here and how easy it is, he purchased Easy Books for iOS and Mac. He is finally up to date with his accounts!

Once again thanks for Easy Books and the free time that it has given us to enjoy other things in life!

James & Rita Boras
Whippy Kiosks. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Serving smiles for over 50 years!

Phone - 1800 944779 (WHIPPY)