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Thanks to everyone for leaving feedback on the App Store and Mac App Store. We can't respond to reviews placed here because Apple reviews do not include any contact or discussion capability, but we do try our best to respond to questions if we receive feedback in the support forum.

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Powerful iPad Apps for Invoicing on The Go

Thanks to iGeeksBlog for featuring us on their site for powerful iPad invoice apps.

iTunes Reviews. Easy Books for iOS

Get this app. -- 4 stars

by Onezap from United States on 16 May 2013
I have tried several checkbook apps this one is working for my businesses. I only use as check book ledger however there are other information gathering, sorting and interpretation of check and balances. One item that would be useful though is an box for check numbers, when reconciling it is those numbers that are easy to follow. The others I had checked were lacking in this dept. also.
After I reached transaction limit I purchased the unlimited plan so far it working for for me.

So Good -- 5 stars

by beanwell from United Kingdom on 14 May 2013
Fantastic piece of software. I've tried them all sage, vt, moneysoft, simply books etc.
this is so easy and handy. It will even do all my invoicing with company logo.
Brilliant on the iPad. Little more awkward on iPhone but still useable.
Back up to Dropbox. No chance of losing data.
Just what I was looking for and intend to use for some of my clients.

Stop relocating buttons! -- 4 stars

by Jams0606 from United States on 12 May 2013
I love the app. I use it many times a day, everyday! But every time there's an update, there's a musical chair game with the buttons. Stop this! Especially when you change a former "save" button into a "cancel". Please look into "muscle memory".

Forms -- 2 stars

by Ben jdh from United States on 11 May 2013
Needs new forms like a new look on invoice
The one on here just dose not look Professional And also needs to have the ability to sync with quick books

10 rating -- 4 stars

by Sripal from India on 10 May 2013
Good app for book keeping
Good update for stock after version 6
Good !!!!!

Mac App Store Reviews: (Easy Books for Mac)

Great Application for Small Businesses and Star-Ups -- 5 stars

by EightSevenDesignLtd from United Kingdom on 23 Apr 2013
We recently obtained Easy Books as we are just in the early stages of business and wanted something simple, yet functional. Easy Books is just that. It allows us to do exactly what we need to do with minimal fuss or hassle. highly recommended!

iCal link? -- 3 stars

by Ulls from Oz from Australia on 17 Apr 2013
It's good and was easy to switch from MYOB but I really need something that can link to iCal. Would love to see the ability to create a a job that is connected to an invoice that can be sent to iCal.

easy books -- 5 stars

by Mr...pilot from Saudi Arabia on 29 Mar 2013
a very nice and awesome app to get all payments and due amounts monitored and provide a very helpfull pre set statistics reports

invoicing & data import -- 3 stars

by scarlettewang from Australia on 16 Feb 2013
I wish the invoice Temp could be a bit more comprehensive, i.e.: "Bill to, Ship to, shipment Date, Payment Due, Total Applied, Total Due…"
Can't add those terms by myself, too limited from its existing template.

The biggest down part is that it cannot import the online bank statement, have to put each one manually one by one, cannot import contacts like customers and suppliers
from mac address book..
If can fix those 2 matters, it would be great, can replace myob.

Cool app, nice!! -- 5 stars

by Fe coffee roasted from Indonesia on 9 Feb 2013
easy to use,.. cool :D
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