Mac App Store Reviews: (Easy Books for Mac)

Highly Recommend -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by Edwmour from United States on 27 Aug 2015
Highly recommend for its simplicity. Very useful not only for accountants, but for anyone who wants to keep track of the personal and business accounts. Actually, it helped me to understand nuts and bolts of the accounting through its simple forms and transactions. Now I can keep control over my suppliers and customers accounts and do not have to call my accountant to verify balance every time I need to schedule a payment or send an invoice. It aslo helped me to double check the accountant and identify any potential mistake. Reports are very useful! You can cross-check any data. Time tracker does not seem to allow to generate periodicc invoice agrregating workers time. This would have been useful.

Practical and intuitive -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by Yankee farmer from United States on 22 Feb 2015
Easy Books is an excellent basic accounting package. I've used it since its first days for tracking the finances of a couple of trusts as well as my own records. It follows familiar practice and formats, so it's easy to use. Still, it's very powerful. The owners and developers are available and quick to help, which is an enormous plus. It is not packed with gadgets and glitz, which should make it very attractive for people like me who have a job to do.

For me, this is a really good program/app -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by Nick Cook from United Kingdom on 8 Dec 2014
I have been in business many years, and have tried all sorts of software for dealing with my accounts. Running a hosting company means there is a lot of account activity. I love the fact it syncs across computers and with my iPhone. I can go to my accountants knowing that everything is up to date, even if haven't run the program on the laptop for awhile. The accountant has given it his blessing, as it gives him everything he needs to do the company accounts. Support has always been great, and updates come when they are needed. When I need it to do something, it does. It seems to expand to whatever my needs are. So there you have it. It works for me, and it is a really great program. I guess I should say, that I have been running it now for a round a couple of years. Love it.

Elegant and simple -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by ambahk from Hong Kong SAR China on 28 Oct 2014
Very simple accounting software. Well worth the money. Would be nice to add a depreciation tracker for inventories such as IT supplies. Also some simple formating for the invoice item descriptions would be useful, just the basic underline, bold, italic would be sufficient.

It could be better -- 4 stars (★★★★)

by ftommasetti from United States on 27 Sep 2014
I'm using the app since 2012 and it had been very useful. It's a shame that it does not support multiple currencies. I hope to incorporate this funcionality soon. Other uncomfortable aspect is that you have to pay for each device you decide to link to this app (iPad, iPhone, iMac, and so on), with three devices the app cost nore than $ 230, and if you extend ti for two or three more users begins to multiply. Moreover, operationally speaking it is a very easy to use and has everything a small business needs to operate its accounts.

Perfect for the Job -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by Fast1300 from Australia on 27 May 2014
i started my first business and ofcourse you need accounting software i tried myob and intuit product but they were all so complicated then i found this little gem it does everything i need and it just makes sense to someone who is not an accountant . if you looking for a reliable software packaging than run on your mac and iPad give this a go!

Excellent product but -- 4 stars (★★★★)

by Horse39 from Australia on 27 May 2014
I run a one man business and find this app extremely useful for tracking time, purchases and invoicing. I use the app a number of times a day on either iPhone, iPad & Mac. As I don't have a lot of time to sit down and go through outstanding purchase invoices It would be really helpful if reminders could be put added to invoices for when payment is due and integrate this into calendars or have push notification alerts. Keep up the good work!!!!

Brilliant -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by KTpops from United Kingdom on 24 May 2014
I have been using Easybooks for quite a while now. I run a self employed business and have used microsoft money and quicken. This is the best money app that I have found. I need to be able to show income and expenses for my accountant, and this does that perfectly. You can run more than one set of accounts at a time. I cannot recommend this app enough. When I have had problems I got a quick response and always very good at helping me out. Brilliant!

Great software, good price and multi company -- 4 stars (★★★★)

by Jimalikey from United Kingdom on 22 May 2014
Does everything apart from import and not PC compatable. For mac and iPhone/ipad use its great. The ability to have as many companies you like, all synced is well worth it, nobody offers as much for the price.

Professional, reliable, easy yet powerful -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by iTips888 from United Kingdom on 22 May 2014
Excellent accounting app especially for UK-based users on Mac, iPad, iPhone, etc. Highly recommended. I've been using this software for several years, without any problems. Lots of help files and training videos. Yet great support is available should the need arise. If you want to also have your accounts backed up to a secure online service, Easy Books has that covered too. Though for a future feature request, I would like the option to back up accounts in an encrypted form, on services like Dropbox, Box, Amazon S3, etc. Now, if it could just make the coffee ... :-)

VERY EASY -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by Andri Zulfikar from Indonesia on 18 Nov 2013
This is the very easy and simple application for accounting. Really help for my project.

Up and running in no time! -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by Jan Van Der Voort from Belgium on 4 Oct 2013
I was looking for an easy accounting system to cater for a pre school in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I have just finished the financial accounting module for a BBA. I'm not a professional accountant. I managed to set up the system in half a day. Reports look beautiful, invoicing is easy. What is a stand out feature to me is that Easy Books takes away the burden of debit/credit confusion for inexperienced people like me. Transactions can be recorded starting from both accounts. Instead of debit/credit the software gives you easy to understand descriptions like 'Out (Spent)', 'In Cash', 'Refund', etc. I tried Easy Accounting Pilot and Abacus Accounts at the same time. Easy Books stays, the rest goes!

Still the best booking keeping software for the Mac -- 4 stars (★★★★)

by POD260666 from United Kingdom on 21 Jul 2013
Was working great until this last update 3.1.4. Details box on invoicing does not allow line breaks/return. But the new version 3.1.5 available via direct download works just fine. Great support from Easy Books support but Apple needs to pull its finger out in passing updates through.

Good for a small business -- 4 stars (★★★★)

by NemysysX from United Kingdom on 2 Jul 2013
I have been doing my accounts on a PC for the last 12 years, using Quicken 98 (Yes, very old) and this has fulfilled my requirements. Have never found anything low-cost that could be used on the PC for my VAT registered business. Recently moved to a Mac and looked again. Found EasyBooks, downloaded the trial and had a go. Took some getting used to (I dont have a financial background) Struggled here and there to make head or tail of it, but once you get your head around it, it can be used for a small business. Including VAT. Transferred some old transactions over from Quicken, have played around for a couple of hours now and can see this will fill the Quicken space, and remove the need to run Quicken in a Parallels Window session. Overall a good product for simple company accounts, although as I said it takes a bit of lateral thinking, and there are a few edges which it would be nice if the were polished. But that may be because I haven't found all the features yet. Well Done, and well recommended for small businesses. Although I do think for £44.99 it should be complete with invoicing, IOS support and syncing etc. Hence 4 stars

Great Application for Small Businesses and Star-Ups -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by EightSevenDesignLtd from United Kingdom on 23 Apr 2013
We recently obtained Easy Books as we are just in the early stages of business and wanted something simple, yet functional. Easy Books is just that. It allows us to do exactly what we need to do with minimal fuss or hassle. highly recommended!

iCal link? -- 3 stars (★★★)

by Ulls from Oz from Australia on 17 Apr 2013
It's good and was easy to switch from MYOB but I really need something that can link to iCal. Would love to see the ability to create a a job that is connected to an invoice that can be sent to iCal.

easy books -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by Mr...pilot from Saudi Arabia on 29 Mar 2013
a very nice and awesome app to get all payments and due amounts monitored and provide a very helpfull pre set statistics reports

invoicing & data import -- 3 stars (★★★)

by scarlettewang from Australia on 16 Feb 2013
I wish the invoice Temp could be a bit more comprehensive, i.e.: "Bill to, Ship to, shipment Date, Payment Due, Total Applied, Total Due…" Can't add those terms by myself, too limited from its existing template. The biggest down part is that it cannot import the online bank statement, have to put each one manually one by one, cannot import contacts like customers and suppliers from mac address book.. If can fix those 2 matters, it would be great, can replace myob.

Cool app, nice!! -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by Fe coffee roasted from Indonesia on 9 Feb 2013
easy to use,.. cool :D

Simply brilliant -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by Barrie H from United Kingdom on 1 Feb 2013
I started my own small business last year and tried a few apps to keep my accounts and bookeeping up to date. This wins hands-down. True, it took me a while to navigate my way around and get to know the terminology but I have to say this ticks all the boxes for me. There are some add-ons which can be purchased. I now have the lot and I am delighted with it all. I strongly recommend this app. It's important for me that my desktop, Macbook Air, iPad and iPhone are in synch and this app has never let me down. Well done to the designers - and thank you. I must also add that my accountant is amazed as to how & what I am able to give him in the way of reports and accounts.

great app -- 4 stars (★★★★)

by poohb001 from Hong Kong SAR China on 25 Jan 2013
I tried it out before extending the number of entries. It is very easy to use especially for small business. It would be great to have inventory management as well.

Great App -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by nam91 from Australia on 23 Jan 2013
This software has made life so much easier!! Only issue is that you should be able to edit the business name. On first making an account I used the default 'sole trader' name and am now unable to change it

Easy Books -- 3 stars (★★★)

by a1exey1azar from United States on 9 Jan 2013
Nice icons, nice layout, literally DOUBLE entry bookkeeping as it was done ca.1775… "Secure" online syc for almost USD31.00 is aussiely cruel thou. It's so easy for any level developer to enable iCloud sync.

easy to use -- 4 stars (★★★★)

by SGP/HKG/CHN from Hong Kong SAR China on 21 Nov 2012
easy to use app for anyone who wants to use for small company accounting but too bad it doesn't have inventory control if not it would be an excellent app.

Customization -- 4 stars (★★★★)

by BRGRSL from Turkey on 5 Nov 2012
Nice software but should be more customizable! Data should be sorted by clicking the tabs.

Part Payments -- 3 stars (★★★)

by DON-IT from United Kingdom on 1 Nov 2012
Has some good features, however recording a part paid invoice as PAID is mis leading. The cost of all the Add-ons does make this an expensive product.

Inventory and accounts -- 3 stars (★★★)

by Yest21 from United States on 6 Oct 2012
Great app! however it need something for inventory and be able to add or edit account (G/L) and recurrence invoices. Overall is good! But need more improvement.

need Russian language -- 1 stars (★)

by mutador413 from Russia on 4 Oct 2012
English come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then even Kopli

Meget fint App -- 4 stars (★★★★)

by Ragnar Olsen from Denmark on 2 Oct 2012
Appen er super til fakturering og momsoverblik. Har enkeltmandsfirma. Der er følgende mangler jeg umiddelbart har bemærket. Sync til adressebog, Direkte email fra programmet. Noget som er meget dårligt: At man skal betale fuld pris for iPhone appen også selv om man har købt Mac versionen OBS. Denne grtisversion er kun til prøve da man kun kan lave 10 af alt. Fuld anvendeligt app koster ca. 600 kr, men er pengene værd efter min mening.

Brilliant -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by kevinsmith74 from United Kingdom on 22 Sep 2012
Brilliant app, easy to use and the online syncing is great. I have a small retail outlet and produce around 10-15 invoices a week, this app helps me appear more professional and also track the money i'm owed.

Journal entries and cash sales -- 4 stars (★★★★)

by 7Heyfield from Australia on 6 Sep 2012
This is good and easy to use but not being able to make journal entries or cash sales to specific customers, is a weakness. It makes for twice as many entries eg if Isell to customer A who pays cash I should be able to credit a sale to customer A and debit Cash. In easy Books I have to Credit Sales, debit Customer A then credit customer A and debit cash. Am not sure how the Journal entry problem might be solved but presumably it will. However it is a pretty good program apart from these two matters.

EasyBooks -- 4 stars (★★★★)

by Aceholecole from United Kingdom on 14 Aug 2012
This is an excellent product. It is simple to understand, simple to use, and has some pretty advanced features (which you may never use - but may have some requirement for at some time in the future. Pros: Easy Data Entry Simple interface - quite intuitive Standard Reports are easily run Cons: Not easy to use with more than one mac, without signing up to a sync service which is monthly pay and relatively expensive (although there is a back-up option to Dropbox - but you have to remeber to load the back-up when using another Mac) No customisable reports No transfer (in or out) from Excel Awaiting the update to Mountain Lion. All in all, a simple and mostly effective solution for a small business accounts.

No bad & easy to use -- 3 stars (★★★)

by POD260666 from United Kingdom on 2 Aug 2012
I really like Easy Books, "does what it says on the tin". But there are a few bugs & wrong Vat entries that need to be sorted. Waiting for the next update.

Esay Books -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by Písz from United States on 27 Jul 2012
It is a nice alternative accounting software I like the sync future where it syncs to all your devices. Howerver I have one futer that I would like to see in the next upgrade. ( Under a costumer account when you view the invoices it only shorts by date, but for balancing payments it would be a nice future if you can sort by description or payment amount. Thank you )

No importing -- 2 stars (★★)

by Renato Feijo from Australia on 27 Jul 2012
In the era of online banking, the inability to import transactions or data from other accounting packages into Easy Books is a deal breaker.

Useless without CSV Accountant Export & sync costs crazy -- 2 stars (★★)

by Hugh Jeigo from United Kingdom on 24 Jul 2012
Firstly £38 per year to sync between devices?! How can the developer expect to charge for sync in this modern age of Dropbox, SpiderOak, SugarSync & Box who all offer free services? You need to buy the 'add-ons' for both Mac and iOS seperately - you can't use it without the add-ons and that will cost you a total of £132 !!! And lastly, but far from not least, there is no export to CSV/Excel option - How on earth can you give the data to your accountant without an export function? Reports can be saved in CSV though which is better than nothing I suppose Update: I found the hidden folder where the company files created and now have them backing up to the cloud via SpiderOak (updated from 1 star to 2 stars because of this)

Pricey add-ons -- 3 stars (★★★)

by Timothy Coorey from Australia on 17 Jul 2012
Fantastic interface and great usability. Makes it very easy and quick to keep track of finances and to view changes in accounts over any time period. Although this is one of the best apps on the AppStore the add-on to delimit the number of transactions in the program is quite overpriced.

Bijna…. -- 4 stars (★★★★)

by S. van Sijes from Netherlands on 8 Jul 2012
Gezien je bijna alles naar het Nederlands om kan zetten is dit een geweldige app voor als je een eigen bedrijf hebt. Hij synct perfect met de iphone en de iPad. Je moet wel diverse in-apps aanschaffen maar dan heb je wel een compleet boehhoudprogramma met de mogelijkheid van het kunnen versturen van facturen. Alleen de laaste Nederlandse instellingen nog en een aangekondigde voorraadbeheer en dan is hij echt compleet.

NICE ! -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by Hanz0791 from Indonesia on 21 Jun 2012

Getting a little frustrated with it actually... -- 2 stars (★★)

by Chadrackmeshack from United States on 5 Jun 2012
On the shiny side, this app seems to be great. Create my invoices, create multiple companies, etc… I started using it November of 2011 as a trial. I was in the market for new bookkeeping software and after trying it for a couple months I decided to make the investment. I am now second guessing it. So onto the dirty side, the side that landed in the mud, you may say… I thought things were going well until immediately my customers started complaining about the invoices they were/are receiving. They are supposed to be in a PDF doc right? Well, my customers cannot open them and they complain constantly. The only customers I found that are not complaining are the ones that use a MAC. I dont know why but it is wierd really… I have to go through the rigorous task of emailing the invoice to my self, opening it in adobe PDF software and then emailing it from there to my customers. I am getting really frustrated… With an ap like this, I am looking like a unprofessional business… you have to fix the problem or I am moving on… Also, before I bought the app, I talked to the developer, I asked him about the possibility of creating quotes, they said it was going to happen along with several other cool features that would make running a business easier… at least they are listening now. they did just add estimates which helps tremendously probaly the thing that bugs me most is they say you can sync everything…the catch being you pay to use it on each device… yes iPad as its own "license", iPhone again and Mac too. So adding it all up, thats $65 for the mac + $30 for invoicing + $17 for time tracker Plus online syncing $30 every 6 months… ok not too bad really but if you want it on your Ipad its another $30 for transactions + $30 for invoicing + $17 for time tracker ( a am hoping the online sync covers everything across the board) and finally your Iphone yes an additional $30 for the initial transactions + $30 for invoicing +$17 for time tracker add it all up = $266 up front and $30 every 6 mos. sorry guys, but I'd look for something else for now… Great idea, just needs more bugs worked out I guess...

Wow -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by powerj9 from Australia on 4 Jun 2012
In the past I've worked as a Finance Manager and a bookkeeper for many years. I'm now a website developer. I've only been playing with this software today but I'm very impressed. I've been using MYOB Accountsright for MAC and this in my opinion is so much better.

Amazing Product -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by timbo OZ from United States on 2 Jun 2012
This is a seriously good accounting package but not in the MYOB sense. Its just not that complicated. It does everything you need if you just want straight forward accounting. The IOS cloud link allows full sync between my ipad and mac. It even syncs between my mac and our bookkeeper in another city. Full cloud back-up is automatic. The guys that designed this are responsive and are upgrading the system regularly .

compliacted and very restricted -- 1 stars (★)

by kohuke from Estonia on 26 May 2012
only one layout for invoice, can't add on information needed for by my countrie's tax board. system too compliacted, not user friendly.

This App fits my needs nicely -- 4 stars (★★★★)

by tknull from United States on 19 May 2012
First, a note on some of the other reviews….. Do people actually read software descriptions before installing and using them?! I checked out this software, and it clearly showed what the various purchase options and features were. So I really don't understand why someone writes a review stating that after using it a while was shocked that he had to pay for anything. I suppose people want everything for free these days. That said, my review: I've been trying to find accounting software for my small business that i liked for quite a while. Specifically, something that is intuitive and easy to learn, has full invoicing feature, and is synced between laptop and ios app (iPhone). This app does all of that. It has been enjoyable to learn and use. It only takes a few button strokes to retrieve and send invoices from my iPhone, or enter new transactions. Overall, i'm very pleased. There are a few things i'd like to see added (search function that searches within notes of a transaction for one), but the developer seems engaged, and has promptly responded to several emails. Highly recommended… and since you can try it out for a fair amount of time, no risk. I'd bet once you use it, you will like it a lot.

Bunk -- 1 stars (★)

by Susy Botello from United States on 11 May 2012
When you finally get down to it…you are better off purchasing software at a store for accounting. BECAUSE (if you add up the time and costs by the time you get real use of it) it ends up being easier on your time and effort to purchase accounting software. Free apps like this that want you to try them out are cool when they don't involve so much input and work from the user. To then find out 120 transactions is really not enough and go to check the pricing WOW everything costs money. They say that app store rules don't allow for in app purchases. So there is a full list of costs. For example, you only get synced up for your device, iPhone or iPad for free for a couple weeks. Then you have to pay for syncing. Oh, you have to pay for Transactions after 120. Oh you have to pay for them to drink soda at lunch….kidding but…I wouldn't be shocked! So after you have it all set up…do you really just want to "play" to see if you like it? Too much work!!! Not worth it. I give great reviews when earned. Too much work on the consumer side and they call this app free. Free for them to use you as the experimenter for a cost. Cost of your time and effort. Don't let these guys tell you not to complain when it's free because it's not. I am an honest reviewer. That's why you see a real name for me. I trust myself. ;)

Good Accounting Software -- 4 stars (★★★★)

by Thomas Letzki from United States on 10 May 2012
I like it as it is an accounting software useful for small comanpies, easy to use and not to expensive!

Finally a Mac UK Accounts App -- 4 stars (★★★★)

by martinlyon from United Kingdom on 27 Apr 2012
does what it says on the tin. takes a while to get use to the interface after using quicken home and business, but once you understand the debit/credit aspect its fine. the only issue i have was how to record part payments on bills for example have a energy bill that is paid via direct debit and have a balance outstanding. it program thinks the bill is paid in full and wont show outstanding balance, so have to do a work around and not use the purchases aspect just setup different nominal accounts for them. for that only 4 stars, fix this issue or provide more guidence then maybe 5 stars

Not actually free. -- 1 stars (★)

by Aacram from United States on 21 Apr 2012
Although this app seems fairly useable it was overall less flexible than I needed it to be and a bit ungainly. Also after I entered in three months of records it infomred me that I had used up all my free entries and to use the app further I had to purchase it, which was frustrating. In the end it wasn't actually free and it bothered me that they weren't up front about the fact that this app is really just a sample.

Языки -- 2 stars (★★)

by mutador413 from Russia on 6 Apr 2012
Русский язык давай !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just what i needed -- 4 stars (★★★★)

by alfredoreduarte from Paraguay on 31 Mar 2012
I run a small music school and needed an app to keep track of the alumni payments, this one saved me from the complicated spreadsheets i was using. One thing i'd add to it is address book synchronization, to add customer data directly from my mac's address book.

possible good for accounting, not at all a good billing app! -- 3 stars (★★★)

by Idk75 from United Kingdom on 20 Mar 2012
first off I was planing to use this for my non-UK based companies billing, so don't really need UK tax returns etc but figured they'd be useful in giving me an idea anyways (input / output tax etc). I paid £20 for the invoice add-on only to realize that you can not actually customize the invoice, you can not display the VAT rate per line item (i thought this was the law across all of Europe these days? ), you can not add or display custom fields (i.e. if creation and tax dates differ) and worst of all, there is no item catalogue. So if you provide the same items / services frequently you have to enter them manually every time you bill for them, if like in my case you have a lot of items with a lot od details this issuea lone makes the app useless. It may be a decent (possibly very good) book keeping app (which I don't need as we have an accountant ...) , but it is a very bad billing app and you have to pay extra for the ad-on to find that out ... I am a little dissapointed, as not only did I just waste £20 , i had also had really high hopes as it looked very promising. Will stick with Totals for now , much less comprehensive (it hasn't got any accounting features) but it is 1000% better when it comes to billing.

Very good app! Flexible and Effective! Love it! -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by Yucan100 from Canada on 18 Mar 2012
This is a UK software, but works well in Canada. Easy to modify account chart, enter transaction and even making GL yourself. Report is quick and easy, with PDF export to email, sync with you iOS (ipad, iPhone), very useful accounting tool. 5 of 5 star! Don't understand why Sage Simply accounting could not make such an app for so many years! Easybooks rocks with very small size (less than 3MB), super fast calculation , super powerful accounts management and dynamic linkage among them!

Looks like a winner, but still needs work. -- 2 stars (★★)

by Spike Douglas from United Kingdom on 11 Mar 2012
Firstly, it's not really free unless you only do 120 transactions and no invoices. To make it workable you need to spend around £70. Then you're comparing it with other £70 programs. It's not really ready for prime time I'm afraid - there's too many things that are a trouble to do or figure out.

Much Better and hopefully improving -- 3 stars (★★★)

by Christopher Binks from United Kingdom on 29 Feb 2012
I am a sole trader and this program serves my needs really well after a year of struggling with another well known brand of (eazy) accounting software. It is still visibly a new piece of work; some inconsistencies in autofilling, no sortcut for entering a transaction or doing bulk taransactions fast, and no real export or import functions. With therse tweeks I would have given 4* and Icould instead of expensive propriotory sync would have been 5. Easy to use and seems solid Thanks

I'm not an accountant but I know a good thing when I see one -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by yiskah.nimmo from Australia on 29 Feb 2012
I needed a program that would be easy for me to use and that I could also have my bookkeeper use. Programs like MYOB are really beyond my reach, but this is intuitive, beautifully presented and best of all it's free!!! You can pay for sync so that it is available on the web and your mobile devices, but it's not compulsory. The actual fee is nominal ($36 for 6 months) As a sole trader running a small services based business this meets all my needs and more. It does appear to be UK centric (and I'm in Australia) but you can change the VAT tags to GST and their amounts for invoicing, but the program stills labels them internally as VAT. Also there may be a way to do this that I have not yet found, but it would be good it you could tell the program that you are a services based business and not goods as there are a few areas which are irrelevant to my business. Overall I've only just started to use it, no issues or bugs found so far (I'll come back and report if so). Fantastic calibre app. Thanks! -- 4 stars (★★★★)

by Geronimo Chala from United States on 25 Feb 2012
I haven't fully used it. I just took a better look at it when I downloaded it. It seems like it has the necessary functions to keep your books for a SMALL business organized. Give it a shot if you have a simple small business. I do have to admit you have to be business vocab knowledgeable to understand the rports.