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Pricing for Easy Books is broken down into add-ons, rather than an up-front fee. This means you only pay for features in the app you use.

There are two apps available, one for iOS and another for Mac OS X. The iOS app runs on any iOS device (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) running iOS 7.0 or later. The Mac app runs on any Mac running OS X 10.7 "Lion" or later.

The two apps are compatible with each other, and are charged separately to make them affordable to smaller businesses. You won't be charged twice within the same family of devices, so all your add-ons for iOS will run on all your iOS devices. Similarly, all your add-ons for the Mac app will run on all your Macs at no extra charge.

What Add-ons are available?

  • Unlimited Transactions - An entry that transfers money between accounts is called a "Transaction" in Easy Books. For example, purchasing a book of postage stamps would be entered as a transaction to record the date, amount paid and to classify the type of purchase. The app comes with space for 60 transactions so you can try it out and see whether you like using it. The limit can be removed completely by purchasing this add-on. This is a one-time purchase, after which you can add as many entries as you like in any of your businesses. Most businesses purchase this add-on after they make the decision to use Easy Books.

  • Customer Invoicing - The app will create sales and purchase invoices for the purposes of bookkeeping as standard. This add-on allows you to send your estimates, sales invoices and statements to your customers in PDF format. You can change the labels on the invoice, set your own company logo and even add your signature if you need to. The app adds a DRAFT watermark which allows you to use all the features of creating invoices, setting your company logo, sending them by email (to yourself) and so on. When you're happy the feature works well for you, purchase this add-on to remove the watermark. Again this is a one-time purchase and removes the watermark from all invoices and all businesses.

  • Time-Tracker - If your business makes money by charging out time to customers, you might benefit from this add-on. It keeps track of all hours worked for customers, and uses some configurable rules to produce sales invoices automatically. You can add as many workers and customers as you like, and for each combination you can set the billable rates and rules about how to process the hours into sales invoices. The app comes with space for 10 entries, but you can remove the limit by purchasing this add-on. This is a one-time purchase, after which you can add as many time entries as you like in any of your businesses.

  • Foreign Currencies - If you have a bank account in a foreign currency you can set it up in Easy Books in its own currency. If a supplier invoices you in a different currency, you can do the same. Easy Books handles 150+ currencies with exchange rates updated hourly. It also tracks historical rates, just add transactions and let Easy Books find the rate applicable at the time. The value of these accounts when converted to the business currency changes as exchange rates fluctuate, but Easy Books will keep track of the exchange rate gains or losses and record them in the financial reports so you don't have to worry.

  • Online Sync - Our Online Sync service will make sure you never forget to backup your important financial data! Over the time we have been selling Easy Books, we've been surprised at how many people have contacted us to say they have replaced their device and have lost their data because they have not made a backup. The app features a very easy backup and restore system, which can be used to make a backup copy of your businesses. However, you need to do this manually and it's easy to put it off, or forget completely until it's too late.

    By registering for our Online Sync service, you can choose to keep a copy of your Easy Books data online. Once you have turned on syncing for your business, Easy Books sends each change you make, as you make it. This happens silently in the background and does not interfere with what you're doing.

    As well as providing backup, the system also allows you to keep multiple devices (iPhones, iPads and Macs) in sync. Each change you make is tracked by the system and sent to your other devices.

    You can try the service out for two weeks for free, just register for an account at

    Note: Purchasing this add-on provides six months of service. The service is developed, maintained and managed by us. Unlike other add-ons, purchasing a subscription to the service makes it available to all types of devices running Easy Books whether Mac or iOS.

What does it cost?

You can pick any of these options, but businesses typically purchase the Transactions add-on first because this extends the limit of 60 entries that you can make.

Add-ons for iOS U.K. (GBP) U.S. Australia
Transactions 29.99 US$39.99 AU$62.99
Invoicing 24.99 US$32.99 AU$51.99
Foreign Currencies 29.99 US$39.99 AU$62.99
Time-Tracking 9.99 US$12.99 AU$19.99
Add-ons for Mac OS X
Transactions 59.99 US$79.99 AU$124.99
Invoicing 24.99 US$32.99 AU$51.99
Foreign Currencies 29.99 US$39.99 AU$62.99
Time-Tracking 9.99 US$12.99 AU$19.99
Subscription Services
Online Syncing 6 * 24.99 US$32.99 AU$51.99
Online Syncing (Yearly) 39.99 US$59.99 AU$89.99
Online Syncing (Monthly) 5.99 US$7.99 AU$12.99

* 6 months use of our Online Sync service is available as an in-app purchase on iOS and Mac as well as direct from your Online Sync account page. One Online Sync subscription allows you to use both iOS and Mac. (Our Online Sync service is available from our secure servers. This item is shared between iOS and Mac devices as the service is provided directly to you and is not fulfilled by Apple.)

How do I restore past purchases for iOS?

Easy Books In-App Purchases Add-ons screen If you have purchased add-ons from within the iPhone/iPad app, you can use these on another iOS device and you won't be charged again for the same add-on.

To restore the purchases on another device, just go to the Add-ons screen (using the add-ons button shown above the main navigation list) and tap the Already Purchased? button. This requires a network connection to Apple's servers and restores all your previous purchases to the device. Note: If you have disabled in-app purchasing using the restrictions settings on the device it will not be possible to restore past purchases.

Even if you attempt to re-purchase the same add-on, you won't be charged twice. You will be able to re-download the add-on for free if you have already purchased it because purchases are linked to your Apple ID.

How do I restore past purchases for Mac?

Easy Books for Mac In-App Purchases Add-ons screen If you purchased add-ons for the Mac app, you can use these on your other Macs. The process of restoring purchases is the same whether you downloaded the app directly from the web site, or from Apple's Mac App Store. Use the menu bar at the top of the screen and click Easy Books > Add-ons to display the add-ons screen. Then just click Already Purchased? and enter the details. Note that any purchases made using the Mac App Store build can only be restored in your other Macs running the Mac App Store build and similarly for the Direct Download. So it's best to stick to the same version on all your Macs.

Why can't I use the add-ons I purchased in iOS on my Mac?

This is a common question from users who purchased the iOS app and want to run the Mac app as well.

The Easy Books for iOS app will allow you to use it on any "device", by which we mean an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and any iOS device that can purchase using in-app purchases from the iTunes App Store.

Although Easy Books for Mac OS X is compatible with the iOS app, it isn't the same app. It was completely re-written for the Mac platform. In the iOS and Mac App Stores, there is a contractual requirement that it should not be possible to unlock content in the app unless this is via the respective App Store. Note that these two app stores are treated separately in Apple.

Apart from contractual reasons, the development and ongoing support of these applications is a big investment of time and money. We need to keep the lights on just like any other business. We aren't trying to build up a huge user-base and sell out to the highest bidder. We have loyal customers who love using the app, and we want to be there in the future to support them. To grow a sustainable business we need to charge for the software. We are working hard to add more features in response to user's feedback, and it's all funded by ongoing sales.