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Video Tutorials

A series of "how to" videos shows Easy Books in action

Adding a new sync device

If you already have an iOS device signed in to your Online Sync account it's easy to link a new device.

In this video I have an iPod Touch which I've been using for a while. I've just bought an iPad and I want to add it to my account and keep everything in sync.

Consolidating your financial year

This video covers how to enter depreciation and corporation tax before consolidating your financial year and entering the transaction for the tax payment itself.

Performing a VAT return

This video covers filing a VAT return and entering the transaction for the VAT payment.

Backing up your data

It's important to keep your data safe. This video explains how to backup your data using Easy Books.

Reconciling bank statements

This video explains how to use Easy Books to reconcile your bank statements.

Using customer accounts

It isn't always necessary to use customer accounts in Easy Books. So why would you create customer accounts instead of entering transactions as cash-based income?

Getting started with Online Sync

Our Online Sync service provides continuous online backup and keeps your data in sync whether you enter information on your iPad, iPhone or Mac. This video shows the process of registering for an account, uploading a snapshot from one iPad and downloading to a second iPad.

Creating a sales invoice

Creating sales invoices is easy in Easy Books. In this video, I show how to create a PDF invoice for a new customer. I briefly mention stock products as a way of speeding up the process.

Entering expenses

This video is one of the longer ones in our library and explains how to enter purchases into Easy Books. If you're not used to bookkeeping already, you'll need to pause and decide whether what you've bought is an asset or an expense. Then decide whether you'll need a supplier account or not. The video talks about these options and shows how to enter the information.

Restoring past purchases

If you've purchased add-ons for Easy Books on another iOS device you can restore your purchases onto a new iPad or iPhone from the add-ons screen. This video shows how to restore past purchases and explains what can prevent add-ons from being restored.

Adding a new business

This video explains how to add a new business to Easy Books and how to delete the example business.

Getting Started With Easy Books

Find out...

  • How to create your business in Easy Books.
  • How accounts work.
  • How to enter some expenses.

Printing from Easy Books

Find out how to...

  • Print an existing invoice.
  • Send an invoice to other third party apps.

Introduction (Movie)

This video introduces Easy Books for iOS running on an iPad.

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